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Wagner's Mammoth Pool Resort LogoWagner's Store at Mammoth Pool is located within Sierra National Forest. North Fork is the closest town and is 42 miles away.

Getting to Wagner's Store at Mammoth Pool:

FROM THE NORTH - Route 99 South take the Avenue 15 1/2 - Cleveland Ave Exit and turn left, follow the signs to Yosemite/Millerton Lake 0.2 mi through the light at Gateway, over the RR tracks, turn right, then turn left onto Cleveland Ave. Go another 1.9 mi and turn Left on E. Yosemite Drive (CA Route 145). Drive for about ten minutes on Route 145 to Four Corners, and turn left at CA Route 41 towards Yosemite and Oakhurst. FROM THE SOUTH – Route 99 North take CA Route 41 through Fresno/Clovis – eventually the freeway narrows down to a two lane highway and becomes rural ranch land. You'll get to Four Corners, and keep going straight on CA Route 41 towards Yosemite and Oakhurst. AFTER HWY CA-145 -- Drive about 15 minutes up the hill on CA-41 and make a Right at Road 200/North Fork Rd./Sierra Vista Scenic Byway (after the passing lane). Drive approx. 25 minutes to North Fork, at near freeway speeds. Go past Spring Valley Elementary at O'Neal's and keep going. Lots of great old dilapidated barns in this stretch. Road narrows a bit along Cottonwood Creek, and then starts a big long, steep climb up Walker Grade. Several churches after the Shell Station tell you that you are approaching North Fork. Oh, and the " Welcome to North Fork" Sign is a big tip off too. Slow down to 25 mph. Keep following the main road thru North Fork, although it's a good place to stop, last gas station, bathrooms, food, etc. There is a Chevron Station/Quick Stop Shop on the Right and a full on Grocery store on the Left. LANDMARKS ALONG THE WAY BETWEEN NORTH FORK & MAMMOTH POOL: You know you are on the main road if it goes way down to a river and then way back up. Five minutes out of North Fork is South Fork, you'll see Mammoth Pool Mobile Home Park – but keep going, as the sign here reads 41 miles to Mammoth Pool. Immediately cross Indian Creek (one of the tightest hairpin turns along the route) and you will start climbing a winding road along the canyon edge above the San Joaquin River to your right. You are about the exact center of California at this point, so your hair may stand on end for a moment and your teeth may rattle . . . or maybe that's just the cattle guard vibrating your chassis. Redinger Lake Overlook Vista Point …you may need to stop for a puke here, but hey it's great view! Then keep going and hit another cattle guard at 4,000 ft., roll down the windows and pop in a CD, you are now officially in the mountains! The manzanitascrub oak hillsides gradually begin to give way to cedar, fir, and pine forests as you pass Saginaw Creek, and the road begins to straighten out a bit as you leave the canyon edge behind and drive across a high plateau. You can really make some time in this stretch. Kinsman Flat signals you have returned to the canyon edge and more curves . . . keep on a going. Jesse Ross Cabin . . . this is approx. halfway… then pass the Clearwater Fire Station at Clearwater Creek and finally Hogue Ranch on the left before heading up the hill to a sharp curve left. This begins a 4 mile stretch of VERY winding road (the worst part of the trip – seems like 24 miles). Pass French Trail, Fish Creek Campground, Slide Creek, and finally Rock Creek Campground on the right . . . and keep going! Pass Rock Creek at 4500' and start a long smooth climb to Mile High Curve at 5393 feet. You'll be tempted to pull over to take in the spectacular views, but wait until Mile High Vista Point. By Madera County ordinance …YOU MUST STOP HERE!!!!! Incredible views of the entire Central Sierra (and restrooms) are your reward. Also another possible puke stop. And, then yes . . . keep on going. Lots of ins and outs down through several river canyons, Shakeflat Creek, Channel Creek, Shuteye Creek, Dutch Oven Creek, and finally the West Fork Chiquito Creek brings you by the Soda Springs Campground (on the right). Of course, you do keep going. Chiquito Creek Bridge…This is the last creek (our creek) that you will be crossing . . . it's curving horseshoe bridge with nice waterfalls upstream and downstream, and then the road starts to go up again for about a mile to the Mammoth Pool turnoff. Sign For Mammoth Pool 6 Miles…TURN RIGHT this is the first official turn since North Fork. This is a one lane paved road downhill for four miles to your destination. Placer Campground… comes up on your right, but keep going. Sweetwater Campground…Still not there yet, but real close. Sign will read "PAVEMENT ENDS 1000 FEET" . . . at the end of the pavement stay left and Wagner's Resort/Store/Cafe is on the LEFT. You are here, stop in for a beverage, and register at the store. HAPPY CAMPING!!!!!